Recreational Insurance

Finding the right coverage for your recreational products can be challenging.    At Birkett-Hassard we will make recommendations based on years of experience, backed by great companies.

We will customize your insurance policy with the best coverage to suit your needs.

What’s Available

  • ATV Insurance

  • Boat Insurance

  • Snowmobile Insurance

  • Motorhome and RV Insurance

  • Collector Car Insurance

  • Motorcycle Insurance

  • Trailer Insurance

  • Party/Event Insurance

Party & Event Insurance

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Recreational FAQ’s

Property insurance policies provide limited coverage for lower horsepower boats and may vary from company to company. Generally speaking boats with an engine over 10 hp require an endorsement to the policy. Costs increase with the horsepower. You can also purchase coverage for damage to your boat. Speak with your broker to discuss the optional coverage available.

Property insurance policies generally exclude liability coverage for any motorized vehicle. Regardless of whether you are on your property or not, a situation may occur where there is bodily injury or property damage to others. Your property policy would not respond and therefore would require coverage under a snowmobile/atv policy.