Electronic Delivery Consent

By consenting to receive communications from Birkett-Hassard Insurance Brokers Ltd., electronically, you are agreeing that documents and official notices which you are required to receive may be sent to you electronically rather than in paper form. You agree these paperless communications are the legal equivalent of officially required communication relating to your policies. These communications may include, but are not limited to, policy declarations, policy forms and endorsements and related forms, insurance ID cards, billing statements, legally required notices and other official correspondence. 

You may request at any time to opt out of receiving communications electronically. This request must be made in writing to Birkett-Hassard Insurance Brokers Ltd. The request will be effective at the conclusion of the policy term. 

You must provide Birkett-Hassard Insurance Brokers Ltd with one valid email address. If in the event your information changes you must notify Birkett-Hassard Insurance Brokers Ltd immediately so that you do not miss receiving important information. You are responsible for any late payment fees that result from your failure to provide your agent with your correct email address. 

If you should need a paper copy of a specific document you may at any time request this from your agent by emailing info@bhinsure.ca 

You may withdraw your consent to receive your records electronically at any time by sending an email to the following address info@bhinsure.ca 

Questions, Comments or Concerns?

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the collection, use and/or disclosure of electronic delivery consent, please don’t hesitate to contact our Privacy Officer.

Our Privacy Officer may be contacted as follows:

Birkett-Hassard Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Address: 6262 Main Street, Box 580
Stouffville, ON
L4A 7Z7
Phone: 905.640.2000
Toll-Free: 800.851.3829
Fax: 905.640.4684
Email: info@bhinsure.ca