Be the Best Host for your Special Event

Most people know that bars and restaurants can be held liable if they continue to serve a customer who has had too much to drink.

But did you know the same responsibility — and liability — applies to private individuals as well? If you serve drinks in your home or organize an event that includes alcohol, you could be held responsible if an intoxicated guest has an accident, whether it is on your property or not.

Nobody wants to be sued. However, a little planning and common sense may prevent an accident from happening.

• Provide plenty of food throughout your party
• Don’t make drinking the focus of your event
• Don’t mix alcohol and physical activities such as snowmobiling, skiing or tobogganing.
• Pre-arrange transportation for your guests
• Check the physical location of your event to make sure its safe for your guests

Today, many businesses require the purchase of a liability policy (including alcohol liability) prior to corporate functions. If you’re organizing a banquet, charity event, meeting, or other type of gathering that involves alcohol, you may want to consider the peace of mind that comes with proper insurance coverage.